Dead Guy in a Condom Hat ^_^

I so want this on a t shirt. It’s the best medieval manuscript illustration ever. 🙂 

Dead guy in condom hat copy


Sweetness and Contemplation

I love this painting. It’s by Finnish artist Hugo Simberg. He also has this  sweetly whimsical etching of death skating that I simply adore. I know some people find images like this macabre but I find them very serene and  soothing to my spirits. There’s a peace in them and a gentleness that challenges our common perception of death.



There’s something here that speaks of continuity too down through the ages, an inter-generational transmission not just of life and promise but of knowledge and wisdom and a way of being in the world.


These images inspire me to at least attempt to be gentler in my world and with others and that’s a good thing.