November is for our Military Dead.

November is always a time for me to remember the Veterans in my family, and to honor my military dead. I wish I lived near my family’s graves (I’m several states away). I’d go today to clean the gravestones, pour libations of fresh water over them, set out flags and candles, flowers and incense all to let them know they are remembered and loved. I can’t do it at family graves, but I can do it at my ancestor shrine where i have pictures of as many of my ancestors as I can, and plenty of room for candles.

In the meantime, a thank you to all our Veterans as we begin the slow march toward Veteran’s Day. You are remembered. Your sacrifices mean something. You are part of something so much bigger than yourselves. I wish that as a nation we could look to you and question the devastation of war before we throw ourselves gaily forward into another one. I wish that we could see the price that our Veterans pay and allow that to inform our decisions of how much life we’re willing to expend for our nation’s dubious glory. In the meantime to every man and woman serving: respect.


(Photo by Angela B. Pan — i found it floating around Facebook)