Standing with France.


I find this world very difficult to live in sometimes. This weekend has been one of those times where I find myself grieving and doubled over with pain. I heard about the attacks on Paris very late Friday night and sat glued to the television until my husband pulled me away, tears streaming down my face. My heart goes out to the French, and the city itself is in my prayers.

This is not in any way to diminish the suffering in places like Beirut or Lebanon and frankly I find it rather vile to act as though these cities are competing in their suffering. Paris is special to me because my mother was born there and part of my history is there and I have a relationship with that city that I do not have with any other place. It holds very special memories of a woman who adopted me and transformed my life, gave me life and hope and a future. When I think of Paris I think of my mother and seeing the devastation in that city is very, very personal to me.

I think however that the terrorists underestimate the French. Within *living memory* France endured occupation by one of the worst terrorist governments in the history of the 20th century and with allied help they triumphed. They survived. It is a mistake to underestimate them. I hope it is a mistake Daesh-trash will learn to its destruction. I’m not the only one to remember this history. Today i read this article that brought tears to my eyes, an article that quotes a speech Winston Churchill made to the French in 1940. I think it serves as a reminder that this poison can be driven back, can be overcome if we work together and do not allow fear and divisiveness to win.

In the meantime I do what little I can a continent away: I pray for France, for her people, and in the end for all people who have experienced first hand the evil — not a word I use lightly–of these fundamentalists. I pray also that we may unite and stand together, and that we may be for each other a light in this terrible darkness.


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